Our Commitment to Sustainability

1 tour = 1 tree! We offset twice our carbon emissions by sponsoring 1 tree for 1 tour with the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project Tree Planting efforts. For each tour you book, one more tree will be planted on Maui!

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Our Vision & Mission

Become a reference of excellence, sustainability, and responsibility, in the Hawaiian tourism industry.

Share our appreciation, understanding, and respect for Maui and Hawaii with visitors through unique, engaging, memorable private tours. Be responsible and active members of our community by following sustainability principles: supporting local businesses, regularly contributing time and funds to conservation and cultural organizations, and raising guests’ awareness on Hawaii’s environmental and social challenges.

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Our Values


Safety is our utmost priority for our guests, employees, and anyone sharing the road with us.


We consider the environmental and social implications of our decisions, and we commit to offsetting negative impacts.


We are committed to excellence in customer service, guide training, and every aspect of our business.


We do not compromise on honesty or any of the above values.

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Our Values in Action

Actions speak louder than words, so here are some of the ways we put those values in action:

  • We “pack it in & pack it out”, pick up any trash we find during our tours, and recycle our water bottles
  • We support local businesses by stopping for lunch, refreshments, and souvenirs at locally-owned shops or restaurants
  • We educate our guests on Hawaii’s fragile ecosystem and environmental issues
  • We respect the local culture by avoiding “kapu” locations, not trespassing on to posted private property, and answer your questions to the best of our knowledge
  • We respect the wildlife and abide by all legislation in place and best practices to protect turtles, monk seals, dolphins, and any other animal we may encounter
  • We regularly attend professional training and continuous education courses to keep expanding our knowledge of Hawaiian culture
  • We offset twice the carbon emissions created by our vehicle by donating 1 tree for 1 tour to support the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project‘s reforestation efforts
  • We are active members of several local and global organizations whose mission is to preserve the environment and/or perpetuate the Hawaiian culture, and we contribute time, funds, or donate tours for silent auctions regularly
  • We are proud to be the first and only private tour company on Maui to have obtained the Sustainable Tourism Certification from the Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawaii—within only one year of being in business we received it!

Want To Get Involved?

You may feel like you have arrived in paradise when you land on Maui, and you are not far from the truth. However, it also faces all sorts of environmental and social challenges.

While you are vacationing here, why not show some love to your host destination by volunteering a few hours?

It’s usually fun, kids love it, you might get a tad muddy, and it’s a great way to learn something a little different!

Find out about volunteering opportunities by clicking here.(opens in a new tab)

Give us a call at (844) 550-MAUI if you need transportation to a volunteering activity or would like to include volunteering in a tour.

We would like to thank Maui Mauka for putting this list together, and for their quality tour guide conservation awareness training! Click on the logo below for more information on their work.

Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us With Any Questions!